Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Next Week Is The Bigger Test Believe It Or Not


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FSU lost a heart breaker to Georgia Tech yesterday. If you’d like to read why they lost, in reality, check out Tomahawk Nation’s review of the game, where everyone but the offense gets a big fat “F.”

Important points to remember about yesterday though:

  • It’s not all on Marcus Simms, yes he fumbled, but there were a ton of other plays that other guys messed up on.
  • The defense was pretty bad
  • The special teams continued to be pretty bad
  • If the starting GT QB hadn’t been injured, FSU wouldn’t have been close in the 4th quarter.

Now, with all that out there, the Clemson game next weekend is a bigger test than Georgia Tech. Not because Clemson is a better team than the Yellow Jackets, but because next weekend is all about FSU’s mental state. Last week I said we’ve seen fast starts by FSU in recent years, only to watch them crumble. So far, FSU is 0-for-1 in their final five games, aka the tough part of the schedule.

Clemson isn’t a pushover despite the fact that they’ve underachieved this season. The Tigers held on to beat a solid Boston College team that FSU still has to play and they’re very, very talented. Mentally the Noles need to prove they are different from any team since 2001. They need to beat Clemson and Boston College at home. Maryland will be tough, and Florida is one of those “on paper” games that FSU has no business playing, but it’s a rivalry and anything can happen.

But that’s only if FSU can beat Clemson next weekend. Are the Noles going to be too busy licking their wounds from a close one in Atlanta? Do they feel like they were robbed from being a 1 loss team heading into next weekend? Are they somber? Do they think the season is lost now? Or will they pick themselves up, forget about a 31-28 loss to Georgia Tech and take it one game at a time the rest of the season. Will the defense be accountable? And will the special teams make some tackles?

Next week determines just how different is FSU.


5 Responses to “Next Week Is The Bigger Test Believe It Or Not”
  1. Clempzon is better than some think.

  2. I’d also like to point out that our difficult stretch began with the VT game, and not the GT game.

    I view this team as 1-1 in the stretch, but I also don’t think we played all that well against VT…

  3. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    A W is a W I agree, but we’ll never really know about that VT team, since their top two QBs were knocked out of the game… and even the 3rd led a touchdown drive against the defense.

  4. insightd says:

    i agree next week is the bigger test as well, thank god it’s not triple option time with spiller and davis. what would their numbers be if those two were in that gt option attack. hurts to think about it.

  5. Luvunoles says:

    No Bowden Bowl!
    No father versus son.
    No questions as to the will to win!
    The winning team will come to play on Saturday.
    Nole fans have to wait to see if the play making-Seminoles hit the field!
    It won’t be Halloween, but the spirits had better be moved!
    I hope that Doak rocks on Saturday afternoon!