Monday, September 1st, 2014

Dadgummitly Random and #$!&&!!ly Meaningless Thoughts


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By Bill From Tampa

1. Ok, so the number thirteen isn’t so lucky after all as in 13 straight wins over Georgia Tech.

2. Thinking about it now and hindsight being 20/20, I believe I would prefer to have Chan Gailey back as GT’s head coach. Any chance they will hire him back?

3. On that gift fumble into the endzone, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t trick or treat on Friday?

4. On the bright side, there weren’t any wide open tight ends roaming loose for easy touchdown passes.

5. And as we watched Tech scorch FSU’s defense in the first half with that triple option offense one could only ask “And no one else uses it why?”

6. Best pre-game analysis award goes to William Floyd for his comment that Tech would come out and run, run, run the ball. That very first play by Tech, the 30 yard play from Nesbitt to Dwyer, sure was one loooooong handoff then.

7. Following Jaybo Shaw’s entrance into the game for the injured Josh Nesbitt, Gene Deckerhoff said “FSU’s defense will be looking at a QB they haven’t seen before.” Like the defense was doing a good job of seeing Nesbitt???

8. Following Jonathon Dwyer’s 66 yard TD run on the third play of the second half came the comment from the couch from that person now known to many of you as Mrs. BFT, “I see we addressed at halftime the issue of the run up the middle they’ve been hitting on us.”

9. After the TV cameras caught a shot of the Ramblin’ Wreck draped and adorned with lovely cheerleaders I’m not sure why I was the recipient of the proverbial evil eye when Mrs. BFT commented how cute the car was and my response was “There was a car there?”

10. Sign seen at ESPN’s Gameday in Lubbock: “Bevo, it’s what for dinner.” Man, they weren’t kidding were they.

Bonus Dadgummitly Random and #$!&&!!ly Meaningless Thoughts

11. After Michael Crabtree’s touchdown catch with one second left gave Texas Tech the lead, on came the students storming the field only to have to leave while the play was reviewed. After replay review confirmed the touchdown on came the students storming the field again giving new meaning to the words “act like you’ve been there before”. They were and they did.

12. Stat of the day: The premier programs in the state of Washington, the Huskies and the Cougars, were outscored by a combined score of 114-0. Does that even qualify as football teams in that state anymore?

13. And speaking of qualifying, does 18 wins over UGA in the last 19 games even qualify that as a rivalry game anymore? Now we know why they close those school districts in Georgia. It’s for a day of mourning. They are just getting it in a day early.

14. You all may recall the Nebraska defense once known as the Blackshirts. After Oklahoma trampled the Huskers last night in racking up 63 points, 28 in the first five minutes, ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Nebraska defense now known as the Grass-stained shirts.

15. Here’s something you don’t see everyday in football. On Friday night as Plant High lined up to punt the ball away, the Panthers had to hastily call timeout because there were only ten players on the field. Yes, I know, you see that all the time where a team is short one player. But generally it’s NOT the punter who is the missing player!!! That would have made for one interesting snap of the ball had not one of the up men turned around and noticed something was not quite right. I wonder if Plant’s punter will hear about that at the next film session.


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  1. gatorhippy says:

    ““act like you’ve been there before”. They were and they did.”


    Best line I’ve read this afternoon…