Monday, September 1st, 2014

Noles Thankfully Beat Miami 41-39


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By NoleCC

Call it weird, call it crazy, but FSU finally took one from the Canes, after playing a second half that was as bad at times, as the first half was good. FSU hung on, and I mean hung on, because if that game had gone any longer they might not have. Another thing to be thankful for? Christian Ponder’s legs, since his arm wasn’t all that great. Ponder was a pretty bad 14-31 for 159 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs, but his legs made up for it, with a ton of 3rd and long runs for 1st down. He finished with 144 on 19 carries. Better than Antone Smith.

Those of you that are crowning him as something special: I’ve seen half of it, but I’m still not impressed with his throws. Yes, it can and hopefully will improve, but we also thought that about a lot of other QBs in FSU’s past.  But, as I’ve said in defense of Drew Weatherford before, a win is a win, and Ponder now has a win against Miami. Kudos to Antone Smith, who sniffed out the end zone 4 different times too, that’s exactly what FSU needs.

Boo to the 2nd half defense and special teams. Hello? Anybody home? Botched punts, blown coverages. It was tough to watch Miami get back into the game so quickly.  Heck even Ponder coughed up one of those INTs in a really bad spot for FSU.  Miami is a decent team that’s young. They’ll get better as the year goes on, so FSU needs to step it up a notch if they want to continue winning ball games. The Canes aren’t the class of the ACC by any means.

I must admit that it was nice to see the game being played somewhere other than the Orange Bowl. Now it’s generic endzones and Dolphin blue and orange (Hmm… I wonder if the Canes mind playing in Gatorish colors at home?), and I love it. The demons for FSU were hanging around the new place, but evidently they couldn’t get in to finish the job.  And, go figure, the stadium wasn’t full.  Way to go ‘Canes fans! Thankfully FSU won, and Seminole fans get to smile a bit on Monday morning at work.

Go ‘Noles >>>——|>


4 Responses to “Noles Thankfully Beat Miami 41-39”
  1. Linked! Good take. I’m glad someone on the glass is half empty side was able to put it into something readable. Most of the National Press is “ugly ugly”, etc Go Noles!

  2. fm noleNo Gravatar says:

    Your criticism of Ponder as a QB runs against the opinion of a pretty knowledgeable guy. Bob Griese raved about Ponder’s decision making and poise and praised his arm. Gotta take the hall of fame QB’s assessment over yours. Just sayin’.


  3. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    fm… I agree… I heard Griese… I just wondered what game he was watching. I’m not anti-ponder by any means, but let’s not anoint him savior of the program just yet.

  4. RandyNo Gravatar says:

    I saw the first FSU possession from my hotel room in St. Augustine and turned the TV off and threw the remote on the bed and left to do some sight seeing. I was pleased to hear from some shop owners we were winning and started following the game on my mobile phone. I was kind of surprised that the defense let the Canes come back in the second half. Glad we won.