Friday, August 29th, 2014

Dumaka is Done – On a brighter note… for those craving Jimbo Fisher news… check out the Orlando Sentinel’s article about the heir to the throne and Andrew Carter’s blog followup… And an indoor practice facility is still a possibility according to FSU.

By NoleCC Bobby Bowden. What do you think when you hear those two words? Great coach? Great man? Good ol’ boy? Not in charge? It depends.  Seminole fans, in general, cheer Bowden’s name when it’s spoken and they’re quick to tell you how great Coach Bowden is at what he does. They’ll spout off about […]

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Are available courtesy of… check out the Doak Campbell Stadium Improvements Gallery

Although it’s not yet confirmed, indications are that Sara Pickering will follow new FSU Head Coach Lonni Alameda to the Seminole Softball team as an assistant coach. UNLV Bio: Sara Pickering Looks like Lonni is bringing her whole crew.

Andrew Carter dug this up via Warchant… it’s a good laugh… Bowden Still Going Strong At 90

Florida State University is prepared to announce Lonni Alameda as the new Head Coach of Seminole Softball. Alameda heads to Tallahassee after coaching UNLV since June of 2003. Alameda posted a 132-118 157-158-1 record during her tenure there. The Rebels started off last season hot, defeating highly ranked opponents to go 9-1-1, but finished 25-40-1 […]

Check it out… frankly most of the article is kind of obvious, but the guys at SMQ do a good job in general, and it’s worth a read.

So… the FSU Seminoles are no longer the ACC favorite. All I have to say is DUH. The Noles have been placed way too high in the preseason ACC polls for the last 5 years.  I guess a “reputation” keeps you ranked highly, when you’re not deserving, kind of like Notre Dame.  FSU had problems […]

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