Monday, September 1st, 2014

Here’s the explanation, followed by the YouTube. What do readers think? 1. A Countdown to Silence (displayed on the beautiful new jumbotron) – Pretty self-explanatory, when this countdown reaches 0, the whole stadium is expected to be silent, and get ready for the entrance. 2. The Chiefs begin to play their very own song, […] has a new photo gallery posted of the Doak Campbell Stadium improvements. Interestingly enough, the Bobby Bowden Field name has been taken out and replaced by a new ribbon board.

The Tallahassee Democrat, Tony and Rod would like you to believe so. The message boards, lead to believe this is all about leverage and getting money out of the Dodgers organization. Leverage, Leverage, Leverage. What do the readers think? Is Tony coming back to compete for the starting Catcher’s job (where he is projected […]

We’ll be going position by position as we near football season… so place your nominations in a comment for DB, LB, DL, OL, RB, FB, WR, QB, K, P, Punt Returner and Kick Returner. The winners from the 2005 list are automatically included. I’ll use the poll system to vote position-by-position, and then we’ll name […]

Thanks to Rich at ChantRant for the heads up on this… As usual a Cane can’t get his story right. Look, on any other day I’m willing to debate the merits of any coach at any school and why they should or should not be there. I defended Mike Martin today, but I will continue […]

By NoleCC Mike Martin is far from perfect, I think he’d tell you that gladly. In past years, I’d be quick to point out that Martin either waited too long to get a fresh arm on the mound, or did some crazy lineup change that had no point. In past years I’d tell you that […]

JoAnne Graf Retires From FSU Softball Scott Carter weighs in on his blog about Dr. Graf’s retirement. So does the Tallahassee Democrat. Dr. JoAnne Graf’s retirement ends an era of FSU Softball that lasted for 30 years. 1437 wins later, Dr. Graf decided to step away from the field and move into teaching sports management […]

So he says… check out Andrew Carter’s blog on him, and the statement that FSU will have the best line in the country.

Hi everyone, If you happened to use the site at all, I have bad news for you. I’ve closed it!  It was more of a hassle than it was worth to me, and quite frankly didn’t have a lot of traffic of its own. The address redirects to here from now on, and if […]

By NoleCC If you would have talked to me prior to the 2008 Seminole Baseball season, I would have told you that the team didn’t have enough offense, that the pitching would be sketchy, but the defense would be solid. It goes to show you what I know… absolutely nothing. I didn’t know that Buster […]