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Xavier Lee Not Coming Back to FSU – Earth Doesn’t Shatter, Sun Manages to Fight Off Depression Long Enough to Rise This Morning


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By Nolelando (Jeff Buckley)

According to Willie Lee, Xavier Lee’s father and perennial mouthpiece, Xavier Lee will not return to FSU for 2008. Jimbo Fisher had been recently discussing a move from quarterback to tight end with Lee. Lee was obviously not in agreement with Jimbo’s grand vision and, instead of racking up unexcused absences this Spring at FSU, will be taking his chances at the NFL Combine after which he will most likely wind up somewhere as be converted to a tight end anyway.

This effectively ends the Xavier Lee vs. Drew Weatherford saga that has been boiling over for the better part of two seasons. Thank. You. Jesus. You are as merciful as you are wise to have finally put a bullet into the head of this cripple fight.

Xavier Lee has no one to blame for his on and off the field problems but Xavier Lee. No one else made him miss those classes, no one put any less time into teaching him how to read defenses than would have been spent on any other quarterback, and no one translated the offensive playbook into Aramaic so he couldn’t learn it (In fact, they simplified it for his benefit). All of that is on Lee. The sooner that the people out there screaming about how “unfairly” he was treated during his tenure at FSU figure this out, the sooner we can move on from this debacle and focus on rebuilding the offense.

Most upsetting about this situation is that it confirms we have all but wasted four years in trying to develop Lee as a quarterback. For whatever reason or reasons, he didn’t pan out and all we have to show for it are insinuations of racism and a lack of parity in every decision made regarding Xavier Lee. Bowden and Fisher have, in many ways, royally screwed the pooch in their handling of this, but they aren’t bigots. Sometimes, things just don’t work out (If your quarterback can’t call the correct plays after three years, it didn’t work out).

So, now the starting job is Drew Weatherford’s to lose. Christian Ponder, who showed flashes of promise during the Virginia Tech game will have his shot at it as will D’Vontrey Richardson, assuming he can get his grades back up this semester. EJ Manuel will also have his say on the matter in due time. I wish Xavier nothing but the best of luck in whatever he winds up doing with himself, but with everything that has gone wrong with this football program over the past few years, this may wind up being our first break in a long time and something that actually works out in our favor.


14 Responses to “Xavier Lee Not Coming Back to FSU – Earth Doesn’t Shatter, Sun Manages to Fight Off Depression Long Enough to Rise This Morning”
  1. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    I think this is just part of the continued “flushing” of the Jeff Bowden era. Hopefully it will continue and Jimbo can continue to mold and recruit “his kind of guys.”

  2. Gurney HalleckNo Gravatar says:

    I think the underlying question to all of this is: was Xavier Lee the biggest recruiting bust in the history of college football, certainly FSU? In all seriousness, has someone ever done so little with so much obvious talent and ability? I would’ve loved to have seen how he would have turned out if he had started out as a frosh under Jimbo and not Jeff.

  3. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    G.Hal – I’d nominate Jared Jones ahead of Lee, by far. Maybe Lorenzo Booker too?

  4. Gurney HalleckNo Gravatar says:

    At least Booker lead us to a bowl win. Jones never actually caused us to lose a game, unless you wanna count fast-forwarding the Chris Rix era upon us as doing so.

  5. NolelandoNo Gravatar says:

    For different reasons I think Dan Kendra can be added to the list. He wasn’t so much a “bust” as he was an unfortunate victim of his own idiocy. But, if you go by pure hype alone, the guy wins hands-down. Not to take away from what Weinke accomplished after Dan’s ACL injury, but I often wonder what could have been had that meathead just worn his damned green jersey.

  6. gatorhippyNo Gravatar says:

    Biggest recruiting bust in the history of college football?

    Ron Powlus…

  7. Gurney HalleckNo Gravatar says:

    I want to clarify, I was speaking a little tongue in cheek, like everything else these days, everywhere you turn people are saying what is happening right now is either the worst or the greatest it has ever been. I do however wholeheartedly support Ron Powlus’ candidacy for biggest bust in history. I was a little kid at the time but I’ll never forget Beano Cook declaring he was gonna win 10 Heismans.

  8. Good luck to XL. He’s going to need it. It is ruthless in the competition for a spot with a NFL team. IMO he’s made a mistake. But no one is irreplaceable. FSU will move on without him.

  9. GatorboysNo Gravatar says:

    Booker is in the NFL…thats not a bust…

  10. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    True Gatorboys, but he certain didn’t add up to the hype while he was at FSU.

  11. NolelandoNo Gravatar says:

    What? No quips about Powlus mentoring Jimmy Clausen? I’m somewhat surprised that gatorhippy didn’t capitalize on that one. My faith in man has been shaken…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dan Kendra is your biggest bust. Kendra is also a much bigger bust than Powlus. One of the biggest busts of all time. Nation’s top rated QB, beaten out by Thad Busby, then converted to fullback.

  13. Santos L HalperNo Gravatar says:

    Adrian McPherson anyone?????