Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

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After learning less than two days ago that Florida State would not have the services of Solomon Alabi or Julian Vaughn for an indefinite period of time, Leonard Hamilton and his staff had little time in which to make adjustments to the game plan against Georgia Tech. But in that short space of time Hamilton’s […]

By NoleCC I just got back from the first part of my vacation… so here’s the Music City Preview in short… Kentucky is going to cream FSU. It’s not going to be close, that’s the reality. But, because I’m a fan(atic) of THE Florida State University, I’m putting that reality on hold and believing that […]

So what should ScalpEm.com readers check out? Independence Bowl (Alabama vs. Colorado) December 30. Why you should care: The Noles beat both teams during the regular season. Now they get to play head-to-head. Which team was the better FSU opponent? Tune in to find out! Humanitarian Bowl (Georgia Tech vs. Fresno State) December 31. Quite […]

Merry Christmas from ScalpEm.com! Leave some comments, let readers know if you got and nifty Seminole related gifts!

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 By Kate Ewing When it was announced at the beginning of the football season that twenty-three Florida State athletes in nine sports were involved in an academic scandal, I thought not again. Despite the fact that only two football players were involved, I knew this was trouble. Answers to online tests for one class were […]

From the Tallahassee Democrat… FSU players not on the travel roster for the Music City Bowl. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? I’m on vacation… but I’ll check in to keep the discussion going.

I wish… That FSU Baseball doesn’t start strong and then tank yet again. That the Seminoles find some guys for the MCB that have the talent to play, but haven’t shown it yet.   That Jimbo Fisher gets a big box of Halls, he’ll need it after all of the yelling he needs to do. […]

By NoleCC I needed something to rant about today, and Matt Hayes is all too willing to help me out, evidently (thanks to Chili over at DannyFordIsGod.com for sending it along). Hayes, of The Sporting News, shines his own light on the FSU Academic Violations. Gee, thanks Matt for that commentary, now shut up and […]