Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Hey college football fans… it’s the holiday season, and it’s time to have a giving spirit. With that in mind, and the likelihood that West Virginia will beat Pitt this weekend, I’m asking you for your COUCH DONATIONS, since after that WVU victory there will be a severe shortage of them. In fact, if you […]

Dear BCS, You get beat up on far too often by the bloggers, ESPN and water cooler quarterbacks. So I’m here to show you some love. Here are 5 reasons that I love you, BCS. 1. You bring college football to the forefront of sports discussion, when the NFL could dominate it. Seriously, would anyone […]

“I thought we were very solid with our defensive fundamentals,” FSU coach Leonard Hamilton said. “I think we were just playing solid basketball, sticking with our defensive principles,” Hamilton said. “That’s what experience will do for you.” “We do all that we can not to let them get the ball on the inside,” Reid said. […]

By NoleCC 3 Up Gary Cismesia. Yes, that thing DOES have a hemi, which provided the power for a 60 yard field goal in Gainesville last weekend.  Mr. Cismesia, you might have just earned yourself some serious cash. FSU Men’s Hoops. After a couple of inexplicable losses, FSU Basketball is off and running with victories […]

Andrew Carter hit it on the head again, recruiting is a big hype machine. From the article: At this point, it’s time for FSU fans to admit that the talent within the program has been extremely overrated. Seminoles fans, here’s a painful truth: All the recruiting hype you’ve read over the years is just that […]

I get it… football is a team sport… but when you’re hounded by reports about Tim Tebow’s Heisman potential, give the kid a little bit more support.  The SunSports postgame press conference was amusing, when Urban was all too happy to talk about everything but Tim-may winning a Heisman. Why not say something like, “The […]

Okay… so seriously I’ve seen a lot of bastardizations lately… please, please, please… if you’re linking here… the name of the company and website is ScalpEm.com.  Not Scalp ‘em, ScalpEm, Scalp ‘Em or whatever. ScalpEm.com… the whole thing. :) Thanks, The Management

Not WILL Tebow win it… but should he?

1. Here are some things that may ease the sting of yesterday’s non-tackling drill. A. At least we led at one point. Until their offense took the field that is. B. At least we owned them in basketball this season. C. At least Shiny Pants lost too. D. At least we were spared Tony Joiner kissing anybody. E. At least […]

By NoleCC Before I get to the Noles, let’s talk Gators for a second. I’m going to say it… if Tim Tebow doesn’t win the Heisman Trophy it’s criminal.  Tebow scored 5 touchdowns in a rout of the Florida State Seminoles tonight.  Number 15 is the best player in the nation right now, as much […]