Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Jeff Cameron of 1270 AM did his show today from the FSU basketball facility. Cameron had a chance to sit down for a lengthy chat with Leonard Hamilton as well as some short interviews with some of the team.   Here are some highlights of those interviews.   Hamilton looks for his team to be […]

In the words of Jim Cramer… it’s time for the lightning round!!! Boooyah!!! Xavier Lee is toast for the next two games. He can practice, but won’t travel with the team. So you can pick one of the following, A) It’s a scam, B) Grades, C) Something really stupid D) None of the Above or […]

Sorry for the delay, and the picture quality… my camera isn’t so hot for the night games. And forget the fact that the game made me want to fall asleep, much like Randy. Duke Photo Gallery – Click Here!

Randy Bartley I felt like that first half was a reeeeaaaalll snoozefest. It was terrible. I will add I had a little help in my tiredness (kitten alarm clock that goes off at 5 AM every weekend and a long day of tailgating), but Doak seemed half-dead throughout the entire first half of that game. […]

Free Hug Fridays at Boston College? Say what? Hmm… this sounds like a scam for average dude to hug hot chicks… maybe they’re not to stupid up there.

1. Duke, winless, zero, zippo, nada in its last 22 games and a 6-41 record under Ted Roof …. It’s what’s for Homecoming. 2. HEY, unlike last year when FSU wore them, maybe those black uniforms aren’t so bad after all! 3. There is absolutely no truth whatsoever to the wild rumor that a new […]

Boston College’s Matt Ryan should be the front runner for the Heisman Trophy. In other years he wouldn’t be, but there’s no clear cut player in 2007, Ryan is the best of the pack. For those screaming for Richardson or Ponder, why get them killed behind the turnstiles we call an offensive line? Randy should […]

By NoleCC 1. Keep reminding yourselves that it doesn’t really matter who the FSU QB is right now. There are 100 different little things that the team is doing wrong, QB is just a part of it. Please support whoever is on the field, and let’s not turn this into a boo-fest. 2. If it […]

Sometimes it’s just more fun to look for inspiration things and sometimes we have to look to our past for that, so here are some clips that will make you smile: Puntrooskie with Bobby Bowden’s breakdown of the play: Rix to Sam against UF with Gene’s play-by-play: And a little inspiration from the basketball team:

You gotta love it when a Duke fan makes a video about the football team seeking redemption…