Friday, August 29th, 2014

By NoleCC First off… there is a brand spankin’ new FREE PHOTO GALLERY posted from the River City Showdown in Jacksonville! Check it out! 5 Reasons Why the Noles beat Bama 1. For some strange reason, the offense responded to Xavier Lee at quarterback. Maybe it’s because Lee gives the defense something extra to worry […]

1. ROOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLed TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a pretty good guess Bobby Bowden will be adding something to that scrapbook he has on Alabama football. Just a wild guess, ‘Bama is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally regretting now not hiring Bowden back in ’86. 2. It’s also a pretty good guess Xavier Lee will have a few (as Bowden calls them) “tommyhawks” […]

FSU rolls 21-14, Xavier Lee leads the win. Full Photo Gallery and recap / rundown tomorrow. I’m tired!

And I’ll be there!!! Photo Gallery and full run down tomorrow… for now I have to pack the car and get ready to roll to Jacksonville!

If the Noles win on Saturday, does that mean I have to make slow-cooker meatball subs every week until they lose? Admit it, you took Bama and the points. Do we really have to watch the Top 10 / 20 / 50 coach meltdowns every time we get a new one? Maybe it’s a good […]

If you guys are interested in some of the history behind FSU and Alabama, and their previous meetings head over to Garnet And Great. As always, Rich is doing a great job over there bring the history of Seminole Football to the masses. He’s even got some rare play-by-play audio over there. It’s really great, […]

Andrew Carter has the scoop again (for free, unlike Warchant). Senior LB Geno Hayes has been demoted to the 2nd team for the Alabama game and will also attend behavioral counseling and perform community service in addition to other internal coach’s disciplinary actions. So what do you guys think out there? I’m sure non-Seminoles are […]

(Note: Uh, I’m embarrassed for spelling Jacksonville wrong in the title initially… sorry!) Mike Bianchi has another blog post up. Basically, he says it’s embarrassing for Seminole fans if they are outdrawn by Alabama, because the game is in FSU’s state. Here’s my response: Embarrassing? Yes, but not for the Seminole fans that travel to […]

This guy gives our Clemson buddy a run for his money, I wonder if this guy will be in Jacksonville? More quality ‘Bama fans… God I love YouTube.

Here’s the official press release from TPD: This morning, at approximately 1:45AM, officers from the Tallahassee Police Department were conducting a directed patrol in an effort to detect possible underage drinking at 459 West College Avenue (Potbelly’s). The officers were across the street from Potbelly’s, when they observed a black male, not wearing a shirt, […]