Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

In case you weren’t there (like I wasn’t) check out these YouTube clips and get ready for Monday night!!! The Marching Chiefs play Seminole Uprising The football team and fans enjoy the Warchant!

What on earth is FSU going to do about a Tight End against Clemson? How many questions are allowed on the Bobby Bowden Call-In Show? I’ve heard the same exact ones for 10 years now. Drew Weatherford will throw three TDs or three INTs. I don’t know which yet. Will FSU wear all-white to start […]

By NoleCC This is the final Know Your Tigers before the big game. I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to Willy Mac at DannyFordIsGod.com for answering my questions thoughtfully and honestly throughout the “Know Your Tigers” series. He and Chili are a pleasure to work with, they consistently crack me up and […]

Here’s my annual primer on what has changed regarding the rules for NCAA football. Limit the playclock to 15 seconds after a TV timeout I get the feeling we’ll see some burned timeouts until coaches get used to this one. FSU is notorious about messing this one up throughout the season. Kickoffs moved from the […]

I heavily endorse the following YouTube clip.

By NoleCC I’ll go ahead and get Florida State’s Chief Osceola out of the way and not count him as #1 since I’m heavily biased. I particularly like when Chief Osceola dismounts Renegade against Florida. It’s a special event, double the fun if he hands the spear to an actual member of the Seminole Tribe […]

By NoleCC A thread over at The Rant made me think of some of the traditions that I personally think are kind of weird or, for lack of a better word, dumb. Without further ado (and with Video Evidence): #5 Florida – Gator “Chomp” – I could easily go after Mr. Two Bits here, but […]

So tell me what you want, what you really really want… more Clemson Spice Girls?

FSU Offensive Coordinator, Jimbo Fisher, named his starting QB for the Clemson game, and it’s none other than Drew Weatherford. Weatherford impressed Jimbo Fisher by doing the little thing right during two-a-days. Let the arguing between Seminole fans begin yet again.

The latest brain dump from me… Would it be possible for Jimbo Fisher to bring back the mullet from his playing days? Why do we never have a kicking coach, when our kickers are all psycho by the time they leave? How do guys like Dennis Dodd continue to have a job? Do they believe […]