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Seminole Fans Continue Jimbo Fisher Lovefest


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By NoleCC

Maybe Seminole fans should start dishing out cheesy pickup lines to Jimbo Fisher? Something along the lines of “You must call me Streetcar because of my desire for you,” would be just classy enough to impress him, and maybe make him crack a smile. Don’t like that one? Maybe “I play the field, and I think I scored a touchdown with you,” will win good old Jimbo over? No? When all else fails, just order “A Patty Melt, but hold the Patty and hold the Melt.” That one works at least 0.0002% of the time. Anyway, since it’s apparently obvious to every other Seminole blog, website, newspaper and fan that Jimbo Fisher is a “done deal” (nothing is done until there is an announcement), let’s go over some facts about Jimbo.

Awesome Fact #1 - Jimbo has a great Arena Football League player picture from 1988.

Boring Statistical Fact #2 – His offense was better than FSU’s last season:

Turnovers lost — FSU ranked 89th (26), LSU ranked 29th (19)
Passes intercepted — FSU ranked 73rd (15), LSU ranked 17th (8)
Time of possession — FSU ranked 86th (28:59), LSU ranked 51st (30:01)
Third down efficiency — FSU 94th (33.7%), LSU 8th (49.6)
fourth down efficiency — FSU 73rd (40%), LSU 3rd (75%)
Rushing offense — FSU 103rd (95.83 per game), LSU 37th (159)
Total offense — FSU 73rd, LSU 18th

Is the 18th best offense in the nation worth over $400,000? (Plus nearly $750,000 in buyouts?)

Fact Rumor #3 – He has trouble getting along with his head coaches, which might not be a bad thing when the head coach thinks eBay is the root of all fan evil.

Scary Fact #4 – His offensive coordinator at Samford was none other than, Jeff Bowden.

Serious Fact #5 – If nothing else he’s a fantastic QB coach that gets production out of his players; See Rohan Davey, Matt Mauck, Jamarcus Russell.

Is Jimbo really a good fit for a Florida State program with so many problems? Can he actually satisfy fans that are over on Warchant’s Message Board proclaiming a 12-1 Season next year? Check out Mobius’s take on all of FSU’s options, since his speculation is more fun to read than the rest.

I’m starving for comments (but not much else lately, thanks to the holiday eating schedule), leave me some.


8 Responses to “Seminole Fans Continue Jimbo Fisher Lovefest”
  1. TroyShamrockNo Gravatar says:

    its funny. i started to write an article for this page: “why jimbo fisher is perfect – and we should all be reveling in joyous champagne baths”.

    starving for comments?

    the reason i didnt post it was because it was too long. so, ill break it down.
    into many individual comments

    PS – bill, i got my “sawg” in the mail last night – and i cant thank you enough. the license plate is on the car, and im currently wearing the hat.

    again, i thank you.

    and now, let the jimbo fisher love fest from troy BEGIN.

    but first – let me explain…. who else is there? is there anyone else that qualifies to run a bowden offense? terry taught it to him – it works in the SEC…. you think bowden wants to run ANY other offense?

    jimbo was trained by terry and jeff. trust me, that a plus to the old man.

    AND NOW… without further ado:

  2. TroyShamrockNo Gravatar says:

    i meant to say “SWAG” in the last paragraph…..


    here we go:

    REASON NUMBER ONE (and the beginning of my article) – i didnt get a chance to edit it…. im just gunna let it fly:

    Let’s all assume for a minute that what is being reported on news stations from Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm and even Birmingham – that Jimbo Fisher is going to be leading the Seminole Offense next year.

    We don’t know if it’s true, and we are only guessing – but based on multiple reports – we have to run with it. Besides, that makes the rest of my article worthwhile.

    So let’s break it down.

    First of all – My absolute favorite thing about JF (or Jimbolaya, as he shall be referred to from now on) isn’t that he has won, and won often in his time as the Offensive Coordinator for LSU. It’s HOW he wins those games.

    Jimbo appears to grasp the concept that DEFENSE can, and in fact, DOES – win championships. Here’s a guy whose offenses don’t exactly light the world on fire, prompting Kirk Herbstreit and the talking heads at ESPN to anoint him as the next great Offensive Genius. But rather, he just gets the job done. LSU is always at the top of their division, the “mighty”, often “untouchable” SEC, in Offensive categories. But yet, their defense is glorified.

    Here’s what I’ve seen in my time watching LSU football the past 4 or 5 years: Patience. Back to my original thought on “HOW he wins those games” – JF starts off the game with some safer calls (Receiver screens, Play action – get the ball to playmakers), and he runs the ball and he EXECUTES in the running game. The best part of this, is ESPECIALLY on the bigger games, when the LSU defense seems to be struggling, the offense gives them time to adjust on the sidelines. What a concept.

    I have sat by idly for 6 seasons and watched team after team treat us as their bowl game, throwing formations and trick plays at us early and often to throw off the preparation of the defense. (ahem, Chuck Amato). Anyways, then the juggernaut we called the Jeff Bowden Experience would take the field, try and get back all momentum on big plays and go three and out on three straight incomplete passes.

    Cut to the shot of Mickey Andrews and Kevin Steele on the sideline, attempting to calm his boys down, after some awful 13 play, 80 yard drive – adjusting on the fly and re-instilling the confidence he worked all week to drive into them. And then, he gets the tap on the shoulder: “punt team on the field”.

    That’s crazy. It always takes awhile for the Defense to adjust to whatever the opponents schemes are, and we always seemed to ignore that fact. Some offensive coordinators throw their defense to the wolves for the sake of their Offense, and some sit back and take their shots once their defense is settled in. Jimbo Fisher always struck me as the latter. Always executing early with the run game, and using some 3rd down screen plays, waiting for the D to get into dominating fashion. From that point on, you might as well keep the Marching Chiefs on their feet – they’re going to be playing the fight song early and often.

  3. TroyShamrockNo Gravatar says:

    Sure, I’m a homer. Yeah, I’m looking at this through my garnet and gold colored glasses. It’s a perfect world, and the Noles just signed “The Answer” to the question from the last 6 years…. What are we DOING on offense?

    This year, LSU runs primarily from the shotgun, because that’s where his Quarterback is most comfortable. They ran out of the I formation with Matt Mauck in the 2003 NC year, because they had a great running game and a devastating Play Action Passing game. (just ask Bob Stoops). It’s amazing – he gets his players in the right positions to succeed. I’ve heard time and time again that LSU is the most talented team in the country this year – but can you name more than 2 or 3 guys on their defense? Can you name 3 or 4 from their offense?

    Plus, he wins at home. He wins on the road. He gets it done. He’s in the SEC, with tough team after tough team (as we all hear from our neighbors in Hogtown) – and imagine how he could do in the ACC.

    I don’t expect him to take us to a national title. I don’t expect a perfect season. We’ve had ONE in all the years we made a run at it. I just want to be a contender. I just want to be in the top ten in November, or play a meaningful game at the end of the season. And I think JF can provide that. He beats the teams he should, and he beats them by the amounts he should. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel comfortable going into a game with Maryland or Virginia? I think it’s closer than we all realize.

  4. TroyShamrockNo Gravatar says:

    i had started writing another paragraph, since apparently it was so late that i didnt save THE END of my article from last night….

    and then my internet went down, and i lost the whole thing.

    so, i will try again to make some semblance of sense….

    There aren’t too many other names on the market that we can JUSTIFY going after. fedora? did you watch UF in 2004? they lost to Mississippi State for christs sake. and he did what i referred to earlier as “throwing the offense to the wolves” and he CONTINUES TO DO IT at oklahoma state.

    henshaw? the guy hasnt recruited college kids in 20 years. besides, can he even get out on the recruiting trail? he’s a bit more ESTABLISHED… a bit OLDER? and thats a problem. we need some youth at this position. SOME FIRE!!!

    hatcher. okay – i was invited to walk on to the UCF football team while he was the coach there, and he did a HECK of a job coaching me in the 4 weeks i was there. I learned more about offense in a month than i had in 10 years of playing. But, i mean – Division 2? the Air Raid Offense? HAL FREAKING MUMME? TEXAS TECH? NEW MEXICO STATE?

    yeah, and there you go… there’s your numbers right there. sure, TTech and Kentucky (with tim couch) and so on lit the world on fire with their ridiculous numbers – but did they contend? did they beat anybody? EVER?

    Texas Tech is 2-24 when trailing at halftime. this is the offense for FSU?

    i think we’re a pro set, bowden offense. Always have been, always will be.

    And think – how many times have we had to deal with a coaching carousel like this? we dont have the whole Head Coach dilemma most schools deal with. We dont usually have the OC search. mickey and sexton have been here over 20 years.

    But it’s time for the new blood. as many know, Warchant is reporting that Lawrence Dawsey would come in to coach WRs if Fisher comes. Maybe even Rick Trickett from West Virginia (OL coach). Could you imagine a guy that gets the MOST from his talent coaching here?

    sounds far fetched, eh?

    So, yes – Jimbo Fisher is the thing for me. The thing we’ll have to worry about is the whole “wandering eyes” syndrome he seems to have. It might be completely invented by me (and others) – but he sounds like he threw his name into the hat for NC St, Cincy, UAB, La Tech, among other jobs.

    So – does he plan on sticking around? or is it a one and done, two and out kinda contract for him?

    Thats what i worry about. I dont worry about his offenses. I feel confident that we’ll be VASTLY improved.

  5. TroyShamrockNo Gravatar says:

    and now for the numbers portion of the program – and my FINAL portion, i may add.

    You want numbers? Hes ranked as the number 2 OC in the country by rivals.com right now.

    and about that 18th ranked offense…. did you see who is ranked ahead of them?

    for one thing – its the gimmick air raid/run n shoot offenses – Hawaii, Houston, NMSU, Texas Tech, and BYU.

    now, lets find out those teams records.

    Hawaii – 10-3, quality wins – Purdue? UNLV? lost to the only 3 teams that were ranked at any time this year.

    Houston – 10-3, quality wins – OK State, Tulsa? lost to La-Lafayette and Southern Miss. beat nobody else ive ever heard of.

    NMSU – 4-8 (but has the 3rd ranked offense, YAY!) q. win – la tech. lost to every team with 22 warm bodies.

    Texas Tech 7-5. q wins – Texas A/M, Ok State lost to any team in the big 12 with a pulse (including Colorado 30-6. – one of CU’s 2 wins this year)

    BYU – 9-2, q wins – TCU, Utah? lost to BC and Arizona (the only 2 ranked teams they played)

    so, numbers arent important anymore. lots of teams put up numbers. Oklahoma State had the 16th ranked offense, yet – they went 6-6.

    In fact, the other teams ranked ahead of LSU that are any good were: Louisville (2nd), WVU (4th) – (both play in the big LEAST)
    Boise State (11th), TCU – (17th) – obscure teams who play in bad conferences
    Cal(11th), Oregon (8th) (play in the pac-10 – noone plays defense)
    Ohio State (a juggernaut)
    Clemson, Nebraska, Purdue, Mizzou – would you trade offenses with any of them? maybe Clemsons Oline and RBs… but not offenses.

    the fact remains, LSU is the top ranked offense in the SEC, and they played THIS road sec schedule
    AT Auburn
    AT Florida
    AT Tennessee
    AT Arkansas

    im still impressed, i dont care who else is.

    no one can rain on my parade. I think the guy is golden, and can bring us right back to respectability.

    i am now officially done. hope all is well, Bill. and there’s still plenty of room left on the bandwagon.

    Besides, could it get any WORSE?

  6. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:


    I’m not anti-Jimbalaya at all. It’s just a big lovefest that’s all… I feel like we should all hold hands a sing a song. lol.

    “The fact remains, LSU is the top ranked offense in the SEC, and they played THIS road sec schedule
    AT Auburn
    AT Florida
    AT Tennessee
    AT Arkansas”

    I got nothin’ for that… good point, I think pretty much any anti-Jimbo argument gets shot down by that.

    As for this being comments, we’re going to have to teach you to not pop your wad in one shot… your “comments” has 4 part article written all over it. ;-)

    Besides… I have good news for you… after the first of the year, I’m going to try out revenue sharing through Google AdSense for all Contributors to ScalpEm.com. (I’ll explain more later). Anyway… I’m glad you like the stuff, and we’ll chat soon. Drop me an email with a cell number or something… it’s easier to explain over the phone.

  7. Anonymous says:

    what about fsu only going (7-5) 4-4 in con. this is unexceptable florida state and bobby bowden are the kings of football they should never drop out of the top 25, what about when they went for 14 years in the top 3. that sounds like the florida state i know. its not bowdens fault so many people are tired of fsu and miamis old dominance i just want whats best for fsu and bowden is the solution he just needs to make some adjustments. im not telling bowden how to do his job but i dont whant another season like the one we just had. i now dislike florida even more cmon 45-12 that is unexceptable. well thats all i have to say for now GO NOLES!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    fsu has a monsterus defense bought it is not showing like it should