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Sorry, San Francisco, No Marching Chiefs For You


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The Marching Chiefs entering Doak Campbell Stadium

By NoleCC

Hey Seminole fans, were you expecting to see the World Renowned Florida State University Marching Chiefs at the Emerald Bowl on December 27, 2006 in San Francisco, when FSU takes on the UCLA Bruins?


The Marching Chiefs will not be making the trip to a bowl game this season, and Florida State University has decided to hire a local band to replace substitute for them. It makes me wonder, if the Seminole Boosters can buy out an Offensive Coordinator’s contract to get him to “resign,” why can’t they pay for the Chiefs to go to San Francisco to support the players in a bowl game?


7 Responses to “Sorry, San Francisco, No Marching Chiefs For You”
  1. RandyNo Gravatar says:

    It all part of the complicated plan to keep them from playing “Sweet Caroline” in the first quarter. They never intended to get rid of Jeff, but they needed an excuse as to why they couldn’t afford to let the band travel to San Francisco.
    BOOSTERS: “Sorry guys, we can’t afford to send you all to San Francisco due to Jeff’s payoff. Maybe next year (when you’ve quit playing that song).”
    BAND: “What’s that?”
    BOOSTERS: “Oh, nothing…..”

  2. KateNo Gravatar says:

    Let’s just hope this replacement band is better than the North Carolina Central band as they were definitely sub-par.

  3. TroyShamrockNo Gravatar says:

    i could NEVER understand why we played “sweet caroline” during the BC game. its a BOSTON SONG. i understand the whole fair play thing… but COME ON!!!

    they do a rockin version of the chili peppers “dani california”, and the boss’ “born to run” – which given our PRESEASON – would have made sense with the EMPHASIS on running the ball…. but, oh well. we learn.

    it’s too bad we wont have the marching chiefs in attendance. and yes, as kate said – lets pray they are better than the NCCU band, which were just plain horrific. maybe the alumni band? eh? eh? any takers?

  4. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    Troy… it actually had nothing to do with “fair play.” The Chiefs chose it as part of their Karaoke halftime, which oddly enough, took place at the B.C. halftime. Why they kept playing it after that is beyond me.

  5. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    Maybe if Jeff reads all the eBays and the emails he will choose to fund sending the Marching Chiefs to SF himself.


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