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Jeff Bowden Severance A Good Deal For FSU?


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By NoleCC

The suggestion was thrown out there to me that I should figure out what Jeff Bowden’s cost per play, point, etc. is over the next 5 years as part of his severance package from Seminole Boosters. If we use 2001-2005 as our data (completed seasons under Jeff Bowden’s Tenure) we get the following per year averages:

First Downs: 259.6

Rush Attempts: 460.2

Pass Attempts: 422

Points Scored: 379.6

Jeff will be paid $107,500 per year by Seminole Boosters. Using the above averages, Jeff is being paid:

$414 per 1st down or

$234 per rush or

$255 per pass or

$283 per point

each season to NOT call the plays. It’s really not a bad deal for FSU, when you consider the possibilities in lost revenue at games and on television, if the Seminole Football product is not a good one. Let’s say attendance is reduced by a modest 5% if Jeff had stayed another year (roughly 4,000 per game), that cost at an average ticket price of $30 + concessions of $10 per person per game equals a loss in revenue of $160,000 per year. $160,000 > $107,500, so FSU has a good deal on their end. That doesn’t even factor in withheld Booster donations. Toss in the fact that if FSU’s offensive numbers improve, the average cost gets CHEAPER, and the deal begins to look fantastic. Under Mark Richt’s last season as Offensive Coordinator, the price would have been as low as $212 per point.

I realize there is no significant statistical analysis backing this up, but, I think my point is clear.  Get over the sticker shock Seminole Fans, FSU most likely got out of a bad situation for less than $300 per point.  In a world where the college football machine will pass by the best programs if they don’t have continued success, it’s a small price to pay.

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10 Responses to “Jeff Bowden Severance A Good Deal For FSU?”
  1. RichNo Gravatar says:

    Now THAT’s an interesting angle that nobody has touched on.

  2. WaltNo Gravatar says:

    The numbers are not the point. It was a deal that no one else would have gotten and represents the low ethical standards of those involved.

  3. RandyNo Gravatar says:

    People get these types of deals all the time. The numbers don’t lie. Based just on attendance, and I speak from experience, bad teams don’t sell tickets.

  4. WaltNo Gravatar says:

    People such as offensive coordinators don’t get these deals al the time. Just not true. If his last name was not Bowden, it would not have happened. Period.

  5. NoleCCNo Gravatar says:

    “People such as offensive coordinators don’t get these deals all the time. Just not true. If his last name was not Bowden, it would not have happened. Period.”

    I can’t say that I disagree with the if-his-name-wasn’t-Bowden part. Dave Hart claims that it’s not unusual http://www.tallahassee.com/app...../611170349 but, I can’t believe this is called a “resignation.” Jeff was bought out, and that’s okay, but the Boosters should admit it.

  6. RichNo Gravatar says:

    Guys, we wanted him gone, and the Boosters and Hart found a creative way to get it done — fast. If BB had gotten wind of this, he could’ve talked JB out of it. It was a blitzkreig maneuver and the principals had to dangle a big carrot, with no time for back ‘n forth negotiation.

    Is it excessive? Absolutely. But it’s worth the price to accomplish what we all wanted. Plenty of schools mortgage the farm to pay coaches they want out (albeit usually head coaches). A few years ago Auburn was paying off three deposed coaches.

    So, for me, I’ll applaud the action and not bitch about the cost.


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