Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

By NoleCC Invent a quarterback controversy. Seminole football coaches broke out the mother of all “let’s divert attention away from us” strategies Saturday night at Maryland. The ‘Noles started Xavier Lee at quarterback. According to reports, Drew Weatherford had tendinitis in his ankle and could not play. Well, he could play, but only if really […]

1. Congratulations to Maryland on becoming bowl eligible. For FSU fans however many are asking right now “What is this thing called bowl eligible of which you speak?” 2. It must have come as a big surprise to Greg Carr when Kirk Herbstreit said during the Gameday show that “Carr is not playing in this […]

Just a bit of site news… I’ve had to disable the post ratings. They are messing with Googlebot’s functionality, and I’d like ScalpEm to be indexed properly.

By NoleCC Thanks to Chili and the 12thManChild for getting their picks in on time this week. 1. Ohio State (100) 2. Michigan (94) 3. Texas (89) 3. USC (89) 5. West Virginia (86) 6. Louisville (79) 7. Auburn (77) 8. Clemson (70) 9. Florida (65) 10. Tennessee (64) 11. Notre Dame (60) 12. California […]

By NoleCC Another home loss. Another poor showing of unity by FSU fans. Another oddly-called offensive game. Another solid second-half performance by the banged up defense. Seminole fans had better realize that the problems with FSU football are real, and they won’t change any time soon. Welcome to the era of loyalty and golden years […]

1. At least FSU wore appropriate colors for yesterday’s game. 2. Well at least the Seminole Tribe can claim it is unconquered. 3. After yesterday’s loss, there is a bright side for Bobby Bowden. He won’t have to answer this question the rest of the season. “Coach, what do you think your chances are of […]

I’m not in the mood to post about the actual game… B.C. beat the ‘Noles. Fans need to realize that FSU is staring a 7-5 season in the face. More tomorrow… but about fun things like Oregon fans and girls that sing Sweet Caroline. P.S. Refresh the site a couple of times and it will […]

1. Ohio State (75) 2. Michigan (72) 3. Texas (66) 4. USC (64) 5. West Virginia (63) 6. Louisville (62) 7. Tennessee (58) 8. Auburn (56) 9. Notre Dame (50) 10. Clemson (48) 11. Georgia Tech (44) 12. Florida (42) 13. California (39) 14. Boise State (34) 15. LSU (32) 16. Arkansas (31) 17. Nebraska […]

By NoleCC On Saturday, October 21, Florida State University will unveil two items that honor the Seminole Tribe. The first, a statue of a Seminole family on the legacy walk, is a welcome addition to the Doak Campbell Stadium area. That idea is approved by almost anyone associated with the Seminole Tribe or FSU. The […]

1. Everyone Seminole fan has to certainly be disappointed with results of this weekend. We’re speaking of course of Kimberly Barksdale’s second place finish in the Athlon Sideline Spirit contest. But hey, we beat Duke!! 2. Bet you never expected to hear Monk Bonasorte utter these works in a FSU pre-game show. “You hate to […]