Thursday, August 21st, 2014

There are a couple of good games out there Seminoles should watch… Alabama @ Florida – Let’s root for another Tide drubbing of UF. Boise State @ Utah – Okay, it has nothing to do with the ‘Noles, I just love the smurf turf! Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech – The winner has an inside […]

A little bit of Site News for everyone… I’ve added a new RSS feed on the site coming from the Florida State forums over at The Rant ( It’s the official, “Unofficial Message Board” of since I don’t want to run any around here anymore. Check the feed for the latest posts and […]

By NoleCC With the lackluster play of Junior, J.R. Bryant and the injury to Tony Carter’s (pictured) knee, Florida State fans will see two youngsters get the start when FSU heads to N.C. State one week from today. Sophomore Michael Ray Garvin and Freshman Jamie Robinson join the youthful FSU secondary, which also includes Freshman […]

Welcome to two new pollsters… the 12thManChild and Chili… for a little Big XII and Clemson bias. ::wink:: I’m skipping the commentary this week… and leaving it up to you in the comments on this post! 1. Ohio State (125) 2. Auburn (116) 3. USC (112) 4. Michigan (107) 5. West Virginia (105) 6. Florida […]

By NoleCC Major Applewhite looked to have the Rice Owls ready to play Florida State. The Offensive Coordinator for Rice, Applewhite watched as his team answered FSU’s opening 7 points with their own. However, the Owls resembled chicken after that, as the ‘Noles cooked Rice 55-7. What should FSU fans be pleased with and what […]

The Rice Photo Gallery is now available! Visit it here.

1. Obviously the FSU offense liked its diet of Rice yesterday. Memo to Dave Hart: Dont suppose we can have that on the training table every year can we? 2. So thats what a first half offensive touchdown looks like. Most FSU fans I think had forgotten. 3. Lets see, Texas beat Rice 52-7 last […]

By NoleCC Normally a prediction of the Seminoles vs. the Rice Owls consists of a few words about how FSU is going to dominate, and the only question remaining is if FSU will keep it under 70. FSU won’t have to worry about keeping it under 70, Jeff Bowden’s offense has proven time and time-again […]

This edition welcomes two more voters, besides myself to the mix, and the poll is now points based. 25 points for first down to 1 for 25th. I’ll be looking into adding some more “official” voters soon. Top 25 1. Ohio State (75) – By far the best team in 2006. 2. USC (70) […]

A new Photo Gallery has arrived for the first time this season. Check it out at the Photo Gallery.