Thursday, August 28th, 2014

FSU Tickets Worth More Than Ever?


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By NoleCC

Drew Weatherford leads the Seminole OffenseThe Seminole Boosters’ newsletter came out last week and it contained a very interesting article. Governor Jeb Bush signed off on repealing any and all penalties for selling tickets at more than face value. The Seminole Boosters let season ticket holders know that FSU season tickets just became more valuable. The bigger issue for ‘Nole fans; Their options just increased immensely.

How so? No longer will a honest fan have to lurk around the stadium with the scalpers, nor will they have to worry about an eBay transation. Both methods are now legal. In fact, selling to a ticket brokerage is legal too. So is this a good thing, or bad thing for Seminole fans? If you are a season ticket holder, then it provides you the opportunity to profit from your tickets. If you’re not season ticket holders, premium games just got VERY expensive.

So what should Seminole fans do? My suggestion: If you’re a ‘Nole, don’t go through those brokerages or eBay for the big games. Sell to your fellow ‘Nole at a reasonable price. It’s better to have Doak filled with the good guys, rather than the bad guys that paid a premium. (No matter how good it might feel to relieve a rival from some of their cash.) I wonder if ticket prices will continue to rise, though, if FSU and the Boosters feel like the resellers are making too much money? Will it eventually push a lot of us out? Football tickets have increased in price heavily over the past years, and with Dave Hart wanting 7 home games each year, can a family of four afford to go to all of them?

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