Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

By NoleCC Here it is folks, the 2005 ScalpEm.com Full Season Predictions. September 5, 2005 Miami You’ll have to wait for my pick on Friday. But for now, expect this one to be close, and very similar to last year’s contest. A high scoring game favors the ‘Noles, no matter what Miami QB Kyle Wright […]

By NoleCC By now, if you’re a Seminole fan, and do not know the sad story of what happened to Wyatt Sexton over the summer, then you’ve been hiding under a rock. Sexton was being primed to be the ‘Noles quarterback this season, but fell victim to Lyme Disease. As we continue to wish him […]

By NoleCC One senior, one junior and a whole lot of underclassmen. Fans, meet your 2005 Wide Receivers. This group has surprised many throughout the practice season, and the youngsters look as ready to contribute as the veterans do. Which young wide receivers are ready? The answer might surprise you, if you were expecting to […]

By NoleCC I have one main thought about the running backs; Just give Leon the damn ball! Seriously, if Leon Washington’s carries are somewhere in the 250 range for the season, plus his touches from receptions, the ‘Noles will be well on their way to being in the first ACC Championship Game, and making it […]

By NoleCC Offensive Line Coach Mark McHale has resurrected zone blocking at FSU. With running backs like Lorenzo Booker and Leon Washington it’s a great idea. FSU’s back are notorious for finding holes and hitting them, and zone blocking facilitates that. Instead of designed holes, they sort of (hopefully) create themselves. It can also confuse […]

By NoleCC FSU suffered a huge loss early this summer when CB Antonio Cromartie went down with a knee injury. With Cromartie lost for the season, can the ‘Noles survive the plethora of bombs that opposing teams will throw at the relatively young secondary? In the past, young FSU defensive backs have surprised many teams. […]

By NoleCC When anyone talks about the 2005 Seminole Defense, you hear mainly about the talented linebackers. In fact, I’m willing to say that this edition of FSU linebackers will be the best in school history. They are so good and so numerous that talk of implementing a 3-4 in some situations is warranted. Why […]

NCAA Press Release http://www2.ncaa.org/media_and_events/press_room/2005/august/20050823_franklinstmtappeal.html “The NCAA staff review committee has removed Florida State University from the list of colleges and universities subject to restrictions on the use of Native American mascots, names and imagery at NCAA championships. “The NCAA Executive Committee continues to believe the stereotyping of Native Americans is wrong. However, in its review […]

By NoleCC When you think about past ‘Nole Defensive lineman, you think of great names. Great names like Darnell Dockett, Corey Simon, Andre Wadsworth, Peter Boulware, Derrick Alexander and Odell Haggins. If FSU’s motto over the years has been “We don’t rebuild, we reload,” then the defensive line is its shining example. Linebackers often get […]

By NoleCC Heading into the 2005 season, most fans are paying close attention to the quarterback battle at FSU. With apologies to Xavier and Drew, a more interesting battle is brewing on special teams. Who will be the Seminole kicker when the season opens on Labor Day? Your suspects are, Gary Cismesia (SO), Chase Goggans […]