Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

By NoleCC I ask this question of all readers… Why… is ESPN showing Competitive Eating?! I would rather watch beach volleyball or something… geez.

I just wanted to point this article out… specifically for some of my friends that are obsessed with uniforms (myself included). I still think we need to find some old Astros uni’s for the spring softball team. Check out Page 2

Evidently FSU’s football program isn’t what it used to be. According to Kevin Donahue at a Citadel player sent a message to Leon Washington through The message? “We’re going to kick your ass!” Washington’s Response? “Well, they probably shoot rifles better than us, but I think they’d better tighten up.” Check out the […]

Coach Bobby Bowden returned from his summer vacation and spoke with reporters for the first time at the ACC Football Kickoff. Obviously, writers were salivating at the chance to speak with Bowden about the football team’s offseason losses, and the status of Ernie Sims and A.J. Nicholson. Check out the full article in today’s Tallahassee […]

Good article at the Washington Post… as the ‘Noles and Hokies are voted the favorites in this year’s ACC race.

There is an interesting Q&A over at A highlight:What player comes to mind when you hear the word… Clown: Buster Davis Determined/Focused: Kamerion Wimbley Go-To Guy:Leon Washington Role Model:Kyler Hall Picky:Willie Jones Stubborn:B.J. Dean Meanest:Ernie Sims Hardest Hitter:Ernie Sims Be Sure to check out the full article!

All signs are that Antonio Cromartie’s knee surgery went well. Read more at

Over on’s Page 2, there is some light reading on how to “properly” impersonate athletes. Check it out.

The 2006 Baseball Schedule is out. I’ll add it to the calendar this weekend. Not too many home highlights on the schedule, other than Miami visiting Tallahasssee.

By NoleCC August 8, 2005 marks the begining of the 20 Articles, 20 Days campaign here at Every weekday from 8/8 through 9/2 a new, original article is going to appear on! If you would like to contribute to this, to make it more than 20 Articles, then by all means, drop me […]