Thursday, August 21st, 2014

See that new block up there? The Daily Chop? That’s the newest addition to Bill “From Tampa” (as many of you know him) has graciously allowed me to tap into the feed of his daily set of web links about Florida State & FSU Athletics. It’s a quick and easy way for you to […]

By NoleCC The NCAA commitee investigating possible “offensive” American Indian nicknames has finished their investigation, and they have stopped short of recommending a ban on those nicknames. Perhaps they have the right intentions of ridding the teams of names like “Redmen” or “Redskins” but by being all-inclusive, they eliminate any good that can be done […]

By NoleCC I figured some light-hearted news would be good for a change! NCAA 2006 is coming out soon, and I thought I would share a screenshot from the XBOX. Let’s hope the real game goes well on Labor Day.

By NoleCC Florida State and 2005 shortstop, Ryne Jernigan, have parted ways. Ryne is headed to Auburn University, where he is expected to compete for a starting job. The Tallahassee Democrat has a full story on the situation. Two questions come to mind. Why would Auburn want a .217 hitter and why does it seem […]

Just a quick update, Kevin Lynch has agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Angels!

I found this interesting interview with Charlie Carr over at He gives his thoughts on being part of the NCAA baseball selection commity and the growth of college baseball of the past few years.

By NoleCC The Seminole Tribe of Florida passed an historic resolution backing Florida State University’s use of the Seminole name. The Seminole Tribe officially went on record with this resolution, in order to support FSU while the NCAA reviews the use of supposed “insenstive symbols and nicknames.” You can read more at

By NoleCC A new article in today’s Tallahassee Democrat sheds some more light on the Wyatt Sexton situation, and the fact that there might have been some warning signs. The Sun-Sentinel offers up reasons (click Read More for the rest of the article) that we should hope this was “just a bad trip” for Wyatt […]

I think most of us know that the NCAA is doing one of their “Let’s check out university symbols and mascots that we think a group of people might find offensive” things. Sadly, they never remember that FSU has the full backing of the Seminole tribe for ALL of the ways the university uses them […]

Congratulations to Shane Robinson on being the first sophomore to be a concensus All-American for the baseball team. Shane is only the 5th consensus All-American 1st team baseball player. He is also the reigning Collegiate Baseball’s National Player of the Year. Way to go Shane!