Saturday, August 30th, 2014

By NoleCC I cannot coherently come up with my thoughts this week to create a traditional article. The beatdown (and yes, it was a beatdown, despite what the score indicates) has drained me of my normal positive thoughts. Instead, this week, I present the thoughts and rants that I have been thinking about this week.’,’- […]

By Jonathan Loesche – aka PaxonGator In the last two years, this rivalry has been decided by a combined 11 points. In each of the last two years, this game came down to the final play. I could go on and on. We have seen our share of great moments in the rivalry, the Choke […]

By NoleCC Hooray! I mean HOO-freakin-Ray! Seriously, I am excited and it is only Wednesday morning at the time of this writing. It is that special time of the year, when the Florida Gators and the Florida State Seminoles renew their football rivalry. In the State of Florida, this is, perhaps, the biggest rivalry of […]

By NoleCC Some interesting facts about UF / FSU you might not realize (courtesy of both school’s press releases):There have been six different Gator head coaches during Bobby Bowden’s tenure at Florida State. A Seminole victory at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium the previous year points to a Seminole victory at home the next. The ‘Noles […]

By Noleman13 (The only ghostwriter NoleCC will ever allow haha) For those of you who really know me, you know what you are about to read pains me somewhat (Hey, after all, I am the guy that started the “Chris Rix Evicted” fiasco). However, it needs to be said and I will stand up and […]

By NoleCC N.C. State Wolfpack Head Coach Chuck Amato has FSU’s number. This is a statement than many analysts have made over the last couple of seasons. However, I respectfully disagree with them. Phillip Rivers had FSU’s number, not Chuck. Granted, ACC opponents may not fear the Seminoles as much as they used to, but […]

By NoleCC First, a quick review of last weekend when the Duke University Blue Devils visited town. I am thoroughly impressed with the Blue Devils, even though the final score favored FSU 29-7. Duke showed enthusiasm, pride and they played a tough first half. In the end, they were beaten by FSU’s superior depth and […]