Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

By MK There is a price to pay for attending a game that goes into overtime or for attending tailgate parties before or after the game. Remember your bladder has no clue and does not discriminate. If nature calls at the tailgate party, the portable potty is the answer. Yeah right, if you are a […]

By NoleCC When I think of the FSU baseball games I watched last weekend, the only thing I can think to say is, “Thank God I went to the women’s softball doubleheader on Saturday.” The great job done by the Lady ‘Noles over the weekend, was the only fun thing I was able to watch, […]

By NoleCC Hey Seminole fans! Georgia Tech is in town this weekend to play #12 FSU and this series has heavy ACC implications. The unranked Wramblin’ Wreck are looking to sting the Seminoles on their way through ACC play. Will GT continue to flirt with a fielding percentage record? Have the Seminoles found their stride […]

By: Joe Cala (JoeSeminole18) Realists beware; blind homers take notice. Tired of the same dull, drab articles that you read everywhere else about this writer’s take on the game? Well, here I am. I’m here to provide the fan’s view, without the political correctness that everyone else is forced to write with. In part one […]

By NoleCC The Florida State Seminole baseball team dropped their fourth straight game to the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday night at Mark Light Stadium in Miami, 7-3. The Seminole pitching staff faired well in the early innings again, but faltered quickly after the fifth inning. With tonight’s win, the Hurricanes win the season series against […]

By NoleCC The thought dawned on me that there are three types of Seminole sports fans (and all fans in general). Lucky for me, that goes along with the format (I say “format” loosely) of my column. This is just my observation. I think that everyone falls within these three categories.’,’Category 1: Garnet Glasses Fans […]

By MK Now that I go to Dr. Do-you-want-to-die, and my ass is shrinking, my family decides to add a ticket and move our seats in the stadium. You may appreciate that for numerous seasons and prior to The South Beach Diet, I could have used a little extra room on the bleachers. Two out […]

By NoleCC Ouch! The old saying, “Hit it where they ain’t” certainly did not apply to the Seminoles today. A small Easter crowd watched as the Miami Hurricanes two-hit the Seminoles in one of the shorter games that I can remember. Sunshine Network must have had at least 20 minutes to fill at the end […]

By NoleCC Saturday night’s baseball game at Dick Howser Stadium was a rare beat down of the Seminole baseball team. The Hurricanes pounded out 17 runs, and it seemed like every hit was a line drive up the middle. Something tells me that the Hurricanes had the Seminole pitching staff figured out. Of course walking […]

By NoleCC promised you different takes on everything, so DIFFERENT is what we are going to give you. Instead of giving you the typical run down of the evening, I thought it might be prudent to give you, the reader, some other aspects of the game. So to follow a classic format (from my […]