Friday, August 29th, 2014

By NoleCC Today we celebrate Independence Day. Oops, sorry, that’s what I get for watching DVDs when I’m supposed to be writing a column. I take this column seriously. Seriously. No really, I do. Can’t you tell by the content? Stop shaking your head. Anyhow on to this week’s three brand SPANKIN’ new items. Item […]

By NoleCC I thought long and hard on what to write about this week. My plan was to keep this column light hearted. Nothing funny came to mind though, so this is one of those hard hitting, in depth and serious columns. Three sections of one highly important topic are going to be covered so […]

By NoleCC Welcome to another edition of “The View From Section 16.” I’m a little under the weather as I write this, so if it isn’t as funny as usual, I apologize. (Yes, the column is supposed to be funny. Stop laughing. no really it’s funny. Are you saying it’s not? Oh.) Item #1 – […]